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About us

Dual Loop is a communication agency that has been working in the Motorsport business for the last few years. Our work is aimed at the creation of marketing opportunities that takes advantage of the glamour of Motorsport, while giving the best presentation possible to its key players (team and drivers) increasing their chance to attract partner and sponsors.




Make your potential become a success.



We are eager to assist you in achieving your goals by means of the fascinating world of the Motorsport business. With a well-designed communication strategy, it is possible to take advantage of the glamour of racing sports and achieve any purpose.

You can increase your customer loyalty, reward the effort of your partners, define and establish your company image, gain satisfaction for your hard work, achieve the dream of your career… whatever your ultimate goal is, the Motorsport business can be an incredible asset and we are here to assist you with an efficient team play.


Our work allows companies to take a step in the Motorsport business and generating a commercial and marketing edge that takes advantage of its potentialities. With focused strategies it is possible to invest in the racing sports and gaining outstanding outcomes.

At the same time, we assist professional racing drivers and teams in the process of building their image, increasing their value and facilitating the approach of sponsors and investors.

Our partners

The key players in the Motorsport business that we work with and our business partners.